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Easterly Asset Management is committed to bringing differentiated opportunities and alpha to client portfolios by partnering with well-seasoned specialty boutique managers and teams. Each of our affiliate partners are experts in their respective asset classes and investment processes.

Easterly Investment Partners (EIP) is our traditional, fundamental-based investment arm. EIP bolsters highly experienced teams and their investment strategies with the robust infrastructure of Easterly Asset Management. EIP’s current offerings span the entire value-equity spectrum and are managed by seasoned investment professionals. While we offer value strategies today, we are currently working to broaden EIP to provide a wider range of client solutions to include growth and core.

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Easterly Funds is our mutual fund platform—providing access to both Easterly affiliates and other sub-advisors to collectively bring investors a broad range of solutions across asset classes. We continually source strategies to expand Easterly Funds’ platform, fulfilling our mission to provide access to distinct strategies and alpha for all investor types.

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Easterly Alternatives is our alternative investment arm, providing investors access to niche investment opportunities in the more esoteric realms of the market. With a mission to identify dislocations in markets around the world, Easterly Alternatives has a ‘go anywhere’ credo, in order to incubate investment solutions that are hard to reach for most clients. In developing solutions, we partner with the most talented people with the right insights, resources and expertise to come to market.

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Easterly EAB Risk Solutions offers defensive equity and derivatives solutions, including a hedged equity strategy that leverages our team’s deep expertise and strong track record in portfolio risk mitigation. EAB seeks to improve client outcomes by addressing unexpected patterns of correlation in the market and managing risk exposure to equity markets through intelligent hedging.

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Easterly Orange Investment Advisors takes a value-based approach to structured credit. With decades of experience in securitized product, they pursue bonds below their intrinsic value to deliver strong, long-term, risk-adjusted results. Orange is unique among other fixed income managers—maintaining an absolute return philosophy, which translates into a low volatility strategy not reliant on market movements.

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